Start optimizing your SEO for UMKMs, small, and medium enterprises now!

Whether you’re just starting out as a UMKM (micro, small, and medium enterprises) or advancing towards digital transformation, Bloggerpi Digital is here to tackle your most complex marketing challenges. Gain precise insights about your audience directly from search engine data!

Start optimizing your SEO for UMKMs, small, and medium enterprises now!

We help Indonesian UMKMs and small businesses grow through digitalization

Implementing SEO for UMKM, small and medium enterprises is now affordable. Starting at IDR 1.000.000, Bloggerpi Digital offers comprehensive SEO services for small businesses. Get top SEO strategies tailored to your needs today.

Creating SEO strategy

Get organic traffic and high rankings that convert to sales and profit for your UMKM business using data driven SEO strategies

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Building your site

Create and optimize your UMKM website, solve your audience's problems, and turn them into loyal customers.

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Be Your Business Partner

You are not just our client but also our partner. Together, we achieve profit using effective SEO strategies for UMKM.

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Grow Your Indonesian UMKM Business with Effective SEO

Boost your business revenue with the perfect SEO strategy that propels you to the top of Google's search rankings.


Flexible SEO Package

With Bloggerpi Digital's flexible SEO packages, you define the project duration based on your SEO needs. For optimal results, we recommend a minimum duration of six months to one year. Help your audience find your business with strategic SEO for Indonesian SMEs and UMKM. Our SEO services for small businesses and SMEs will turn your audience into loyal clients.


Comprehensive SEO Support

As a professional SEO agency, Bloggerpi Digital offers comprehensive SEO assistance. Our experts identify your website issues and provide the best technical solutions. Our data-driven strategies are tailored based on thorough research of your business and target market. We offer keyword research, topical authority strategies, high-quality content creation, and optimization of underperforming content to improve your rankings and drive traffic.

SEO Services for UMKM and Small Businesses FAQ

Frequently asked questions

What is Bloggerpi Digital's SEO Services for UMKM And Small Businesses?

Bloggerpi Digital offers tailored SEO packages specifically for small businesses. Our campaigns are designed to meet the unique needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in Indonesia, providing a comprehensive approach to SEO.

We define small and medium-sized enterprises based on their SEO needs and OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). Typically, small businesses target local markets (one region or city, up to several regions, but not exceeding 40% of the national population). Their target consumers are often transitioning to the internet, with growing but not yet high keyword demand.

Yes, OKRs and target are customized based on the specific goals agreed upon by Bloggerpi Digital and your company. Each business has unique needs, so OKRs will vary and be tailored based on our discussions.

Absolutely. We offer special rates to help small and medium-sized businesses grow with effective SEO strategies. Don't miss our amazing promos! Visit our promo page for details.

We have worked with a wide range of companies across various niches, including Education and Retail. Be our first SME client and make it easy for your audience to find you on search engines.

Empower your UMKM business with SEO. Let's talk!

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